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St. Panteleimon and Lake Matka with cave Vrelo On the slopes of nearby Mt. Vodno stands the famous church of St. Pantelejmon from 1164, decorated with frescoes of exceptional artistic value.The Lamentation of Christ, also known as Pieta, is the earliest representation of St. Mary with human features. The sorrow she feels for losing her son was for the first time represented on this fresco, thus heralding the Renaissance.After visiting the monastery we are driving to a beautiful canyon of the river Treska, to visit the lake of Matka, where is the cave Vrelo, the deepest underwater cave in Europe, and probable in the world too(exploring in progress).The Treska canyon is vertically cut into the massive of Suva Mountain. The geological features of the park reflect in the hard carst ground in the area. The different carst formations in the canyon, such as the karrens, flutes, valleys, cracks, crevices and caves, have been formed by long term impact of the mountainrivers, as well as great temperature oscillations. In the surroundings of the Treska Canyon one can find dozens of caves. The most beautiful ones are the caves Vrelo (The SpringOn the shore of the lake is alsobeautiful monastery of St Andry, the brother of last Macedonian king Marko. This monastery was built 1389 and is filled with frescos of a great artistic importance.
Meeting point for departure:Old railway station
Time for departure: 09:00h
Price Included: bus transfer, all tickets, boat to cave, coffeeat Matka lake, guide service.

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