Skopje - Prilep - Bitola

Guided by: Dimitar Tanevski




Skopje - Prilep - Bitola


About 100 km far from Skopje is located the archaeological site Stobi. The town was an important trade centre on the cross roads between the Aegean sea to the south and the Danube region to the north, and the Adriatic sea to the west and the Black sea to the east. The town was destroyed by an earthquake in the 6th c. The ancient town was located between the Rivers Vardar and Crna (Black). There are remnants of one of the oldest churches in the Balkan Peninsula from the fourth century AD. The baptistery floor is decorated with beautiful mosaics. The city used to have many nice palaces, the big theatre and a synagogue.

The wine production in Macedonia has a long tradition. That is why there is a possibility to visit one of the Wineries and enjoy a wine tasting.

Next city on the way is the City of Tobacco and Marble, Prilep. In the area there are several marble quaries and in the fields the local people produce tobacco. The Main Square is adorned with many marble sculptures designed by world famous sculptors. In the rocks above the town is located the monastery dedicated to Saint Archangel Michael. In the area there are several other medieval churches.

Overnight in Bitola.


At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century in Bitola there were more than 10 foreign consulates, that is why the nick name of this city is - The city of Consuls. Sightseeing tour of the town of Bitola, where the father of modern day Turkey Mustapha Ataturk was educated, and where the first movie director in the Balkan Peninsula Milton Manaki worked. Visit the church Saint Dimitrius from the 19th c., the Clock tower, the Yeni Mosque, the old bazaar etc. The tour continues to the archaeological site Heraclea Linkestis, established by Philip the Second, father of Alexander the Great. Visitors can see the theatre, the roman bath, the Court of Justice, the Small Basilica and the Large Basilica with one of the most beautiful floor mosaics in the world.

From Bitola the tour continues to Prespa Lake and the Mountain Galicica. From the top of the road there are fantastic views towards Ohrid and Prespa Lake.

Overnight in Ohrid.

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