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***Guida turistica abilitata con italiano livello madrelingua*** Macedonian licensed tourist guide for Italian (bilingual level), English, French and Spanish language. Lived in Rome and frequented the Italian education system, so, the knowledge of the Italian language is at a mother tongue level. Communicative and adaptable person, who follows the current situation, able to deal with people from different countries and social strata, thanks also to the restoration summer camps attended twice in France etc. Additionally, MA in Conference Interpreting, court interpreter-translator, proofreader, photographer and cinematographer. / Guida tursistica macedone abilitata per lingua italiana (livello bilingue), inglese, francese e spagnolo. Vissuto a Roma dove ho frequentato il sistema scolastico italiano e quindi la conoscenza della lingua italiana è a livello madrelingua. Persona comunicativa e flessibile, che segue la situazione attuale, in grado di relazionarsi con persone di diversa nazionalità e stato sociale, grazie anche ai campi di restauro estivi frequentati in Francia ecc. In addizione, dott. magistrale in interpretazione di conferenza e traduttore giurato di lingua italiana, correttore di bozze, fotografo e cameraman.

East & South-East Macedonia, Kokino, North-West Macedonia, Skopje, South-West Macedonia, Tikvesh Region


Groups Led
0-5, 10-20, 5-10, More than 20

Volunteer at a summer camp for restoration near Paris and Narbonne, France; Fifth Course of Inter-Adriatic Relations: "Nostalgia, Identity and Values in the Adriatic" at the University of Bari, Italy; Literary study visit in Trieste, Italy; Occasional reporter and photographer for the Macedonian Radio Television, for one private television and for several newspapers.

Years Of Experience
more than 10

Mobile #
+389 (0)70 84 11 94

Other Trainings

Number Of Groups Led
15-25, 25-50

Specialization In Type Of Tourism
Active, Adventure, Culture, Family, Gastronomy, History, MICE, Religious, Shopping, Singles


Experience In Type Of Tourism
Active, Adventure, Culture, Family, Gastronomy, History, MICE, Religious, Shopping, Singles

Spoken Languages
English, Francais, Español, Македонски, Other

Extra Information
Other Trainings, certificates, licenses ( what is special about me): Macedonian licensed tourist guide for Italian, English, French and Spanish language; driving license; court interpreter; interpretation training at the European Commission and Parliament in Brussels, Belgium; joint training in Conference Interpretation within the postgraduate studies in an international project of the University of Skopje and the University of Sofia, Bulgaria with support of the European institutions.

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